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The Forestry Commission cares for more than 1,500 forests in England, and thanks to your support, we can continue to do this very important job. We’ve got more than 40 key sites, with 24 visitor centres – that means that for more than half of our population, there’s a Forestry Commission woodland within six miles’ distance. There are more than 260 marked trails for visitors to explore, lots of cycling routes, wildlife conservation activities, and more, right on their door steps.

Our woodlands are part of the public forest estate, a precious resource with beautiful scenery, wildlife, and lots of great things for you to do. It’s because of people like you, who visit and support our forests to enjoy their beauty, variety and all the adventures they offer, that we can carry on our work as custodians of this heritage.

All the items in our shop come from either local providers (many of them hand-crafted), are made from responsibly-sourced wood and may come in very handy when you’re planning your next forest adventure, or want to bring a little bit of the outdoors in your own home. Any purchase you make goes in direct support of all our efforts – so thanks again!

The Forestry Commission Shop is operated by Aspect CPM in partnership with The Forestry Commission.

Forestry Commission: What we do
Manager – We plant 24 million trees every year, to create new woodland and to replace the trees we harvest. Some of these trees will help to regenerate blighted industrial landscapes such as former coalfield communities and to bring new woodlands closer to urban areas.

We sustainably harvest almost five million tonnes of wood every year from Britain’s public forests. That’s around 44 per cent of total domestic production or 300 truckloads every day. This reduces our dependency on imported wood and provides low-carbon materials for the domestic wood-using industries, and for fuel and energy. The income from timber helps to offset the costs of managing the forests in our care.

As Britain’s largest land manager we custodian of one million hectares of land including some of our best loved and most spectacular landscapes. Two-thirds of the estate lies within National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty or Sites of Special Scientific Interest.
Protector – The threat to Britain’s trees from pests and disease has never been greater. We face losing much-loved species such as oak and horse chestnut. The problem is exacerbated by greater movement of infested or disease-carrying imports and improved conditions due to climate change. Our plant health officers inspect wood imports at ports around the country to minimise the risk from foreign pests and diseases. Where outbreaks do occur our experts work with local authorities and landowners to contain and control any spread. We licence tree felling across Great Britain to protect our woodlands for generations to come.
Enabler and supporter – We provide grants, licences and advice to private woodland owners to encourage new tree planting and to help keep private forests and woodland under active and sustainable management. We also work in partnership with a wide range of public bodies, NGOs, small businesses and communities to respond to national, regional and local needs.

Conservationist – We protect species, improve habitats and protect historical sites. As climate change becomes more complex and challenging we face losing some of our native species. We are leading moves to nurture and protect rare and endangered species such as the red squirrel, the dormouse and the pearl-bordered fritillary butterfly. We safeguard the national tree collections at Westonbirt, Bedgebury and Kilmun. These conserve more than 4000 different taxa – making it one of the most comprehensive tree collection in the world – and form just one of the ways that we are increasing the world’s natural resilience for the future.
Restorer - We take degraded land no one else wants and turn it into green space for the benefit of all. Our pioneering research and on-the-ground experience has proved we can successfully, and economically, transform brownfield sites such as old collieries and factories into usable greenspace. This improves the environment, people’s health and the local economy by restoring places that people want to work, rest and play in.
Leisure and recreation provider - More people in Britain visit a forest than do the seaside. We offer visitors many thousands of waymarked walks and trails, cycle routes and bridle paths, open every day and free of charge. We have more than 150 easy access trails for people with physical difficulties. In many places, the Forestry Commission provides the only local opportunity for quiet and accessible recreation. The millions of visitors contribute some £2 billion annually to the economy, mostly into rural areas.
Our network of visitor centres throughout England, Scotland and Wales provides a unique opportunity to engage with the public. They are an ideal platform to talk to people about climate change, helping them to understand the issues, see directly how climate change is affecting our trees and woods today, what we need to do to help them adapt, and what actions individuals and families can take to make a difference.
Aspect CPM (UK) LIMITED: What we do
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