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Hedgehog Nest Box

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Hedgehog Nest Box

Help these magic creatures with a good home.

Our completely new design of hedgehog nesting box which incorporates all the best features of previous nesting boxes, is far safer for the hedgehog, and eliminates loose entrance tunnels and plastic pipes by building all these features into one robust design.

This nest box has been designed with input by London University and the Hedgehog Preservation Society and it has been tested extensively (with great success) by the Hedgehog Preservation Society and their hedgehog "carers".

The box features:-

  • Fully built-in tunnel with large square access for even the largest hedgehog to avoid unwanted visitors.
  • Raised 'step' at entrance to enable the nesting box to be partly buried.
  • Totally safe nesting area well away from the tunnel entrance.
  • Lower roof to enable the hedgehog to build a snug nest.
  • Specially designed inbuilt "unblockable" ventilation to provide just the right temperature and humidity without draughts.
  • Totally removable roof for easy inspection and cleaning.
  • Drainage holes in the base of the Hedgehog Nest Box to help dissipate any excess water which may enter the box during times of heavy rain.
  • Underfloor runners letting air to the underside of the nesting box but allowing the nest box to be pushed easily into place in undergrowth, etc.
  • Strong corners making a sturdy nesting box.
  • One compact unit easy to position.
  • Competitively priced.

Specifications: Exterior quality resin bonded FSC® Certified ply. The box remains untreated on the inside. Best situated in a quiet corner of the garden, and covered with leaves and other garden debris. Removable lid for cleaning purposes and reinforced corners, manufactured with surface sunk coated staples to resist rusting.

Nestbox size: Height 22cm x Width 38cms x Length 47cm

Hedgehog preferred : Thoughtfully designed nesting boxes make safe and secure homes.

Chosen by professionals : With all the right features, the nesting boxes of choice for professionals!

Selected by you : Modern designs, traditionally made in wood - look good, and work well.

Designed by experts : Designed with the help of the Hedgehog Preservation Trust and specialists from other Hedgehog groups.

Built to last : Hand crafted to cope with the best and worst of the British weather, year in year out.

Environmentally positive : Direct action to help hedgehog survival rates, encouraging biodiversity; FSC timber; Zero carbon footprint in use.

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