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Birdfeed Taster Pack

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Birdfeed Taster Pack

This makes a great gift for somebody who would like to kickstart their bird feeding project.

Different birds like different seeds and feeds; this taster pack means that you can try out a variety of them to discover what's most popular in your garden, without having to buy lots of big bags.

The smart box is packed with a selection of our most popular and nutritious birdfoods:

  • EITHER 3 tubs of LIVE!Mealworms (P4066)
  • OR 100g dried mealworms (P6782)
  • plus all of these
  • 1kg WigglySeed Extra
  • 1kg Wiggly Huskless Feed
  • 1kg Wiggly Seed
  • 1kg Niger Seed
  • 1kg Peanuts
  • 1 Fat and Seed Filled Coconut
  • 1 Round Suet Feast and
  • 1 Round Suet Feed Cage

All in all, it's fantastic value!

Lay a bit of everything out in the garden to attract as many different birds as possible, then sit back and watch the show.

- Blackbird - Blackcap - Blue tit - Chaffinch
- Collared dove - Great tit - Greenfinch - Goldfinch
- House sparrow - Long-tailed tit - Robin - Siskin
- Song thrush - Starling - Wren
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